Working in the kitchen for long hours is a tedious task, which we all go through every day. Though the out result is delightful in the form of yummy food, but the efforts behind this are inevitable. Well, this blog will make you acquainted with the cool fundas needed to keep the kitchen organized and food items fresh, thereby saving your time.

Here are the seven kitchen fundas for storing food that saves both time and efforts.


Funda #1

After some time, the potato pieces turn little brown due to the release of starch. Thus, to keep your potatoes white, keep the diced or shredded pieces in cold water before cooking.


Funda #2

Bought some unripe fruits or bananas at home? Don’t worry; just keep them in a plastic bag. The concentrated ethylene gas helps the fruits to ripen faster.


Funda #3

Add a slice of apple or orange peel along with the sugar while storing it in an air-tight container to keep your brown sugar soft. Well, to quickly break your hardened sugar, microwave it next to a glass of water (the moisture from it will help in fixing).


Funda #4

Storing tomatoes is a big concern as they are prone to rotting. Thus, to prevent them from spoiling, put their stem end down while keeping. This will prevent moisture from exiting and air from entering. Also, to store them for a longer time, keep them at room temperature instead of a refrigerator.


Funda #5

Want to check whether your eggs are safe to eat or not? Gently place them in a bowl containing cold water. They pass the test if the eggs sink to its bottom and if they float, it’s an indication they are old and non-edible.


Funda #6

Keep your bananas fresh for a longer time by wrapping the end of its bunch in a plastic wrap (better if each banana is stored separately). This, in turn, will block the release of ethylene gas out of the stem, thus preventing its premature ripening.


Funda #7

To save your cut fruits from browning either add a little of the lemon juice to it or a mixture of honey (2 parts) and water (1 part). Thus, it will slow down the oxidation process that leads to the browning of fruits.

Well, these easy yet simple tips will keep all your kitchen worries at bay, thereby helping you to concentrate more on cooking delicious recipes other than upsetting over your food storage.

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