Best way to increase height very fast: Hello friends this is Ankit Sinha and thanks for landing on a “Apk Listify”. As we know we all are very conscious about our height. In todays the height of the so many yongster doesn’t grow because of so many reasons. So friend does not take tension just follow all the process that i am going to explain in my article “ways to increase height”. So must read the article completely. 

Best Ways to increase height very fast :

1. Take a proper diet. 

Friends it is very important to take a proper diet. Proper diet means the diet that contains all types of nutrients and vitamins that helps in a grow taller. Like protein, carbohydrates, Fats, Calcium, Zinc and height growth vitamins. Height growth vitamins include Vitamin D and you can get vitamin D from Natural sunlight, Fish, egga and dairy products. If you take proper diet it must help you to grow taller. And proper diet is not only important for grow tall, it is also important for maintain health and weight of the body. So if you want to live a healthy life and grow taller so take proper and balanced diet.

2. Take a proper sleep.

Proper sleep is one of the important factor for growing healthy. Our researches said that growing teenagers have to sleep at least 8 hours in a day for healthy growth. The region behind it that our brain releases HGH (height growth hormones) when we are in a deep sleep,  but if we can’t sleep properly this result in a release of less amount of HGH due to which our height can’t grow properly. And proper not only effect our height growth it also effect on our health, concentration and so many things so friends if you want to live healthy life and want to be grow taller so must take a proper sleep.

3. Do height increasing exercise.

There are so many height increasing exercise that can boost height growth. Height increasing exercises include: Swimming, Running, Hanging exercises, Skipping ropes, Toe touching exercises, Cycling, The super stretch etc. So friends out of this if you do atleast 3 or 4 exercises it will must boost your height growth and help you to grow taller. So friends must do the exercises daily.

4. Avoid growth stunting factor. 

Friends as we see today’s many of the yongster drink or smoke. But friends it will stop your growth. And due to smoking or drinking our youngster can’t get their normal height, it also effect on our immune system, it also dull our face, in simply i want to say that drinking and smoking never helps any one in any way it only destroy the life of people. so my friends if you do smoking or drinking and you also want to grow taller so first stop drinking or smoking.

5. Consult with doctor

Friends if this step can’t work on you. So must consult with doctor because todays there were so many height grow tablets, medicine to grow taller are come in a market that helps your brain in releasing HGH. But friends doesn’t take any medicine, because incorrect medicine also cause immannerd growth,  so take any medicine by knowing its all types of information.

So, these are the height growth tips. I hope you all guys like this article, so friends must comment your suggestion about this article. And for next and excited article stay tuned with ‘News remak’.

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