How to increase concentration in studies:  Hello guys this is Anshu Verma and thanks for landing on a “Apklistify” so friends as we know our studies is totally dependent on our concentration power and without our concentration we never do study or any things, so today only for you friends i came with an article in which you can find a solution to improve your concentration. 

How to increase concentration in studies:

1. Take a good rest. 

Friends take rest is very important for every people. And it is the biggest factor that affect our concentration. Because rest reduces our stress and make our mind calm, which is very important for improve concentration. It will also help in a blood circulation. Your face shining also goes dull if you can’t take a proper rest,  so take a proper is very important for any one and A stressed people can never concentrate on any things so take a sleep every day atlest about 7 to 8 hours.

2. Meditation

Before starting your studies must do atleast one practice called meditation.
Just think friends why in every school meditation is done before the periods because meditation makes our mind fresh and also improve concentration level. It will also makes our mind calm through which we can think and understand about any topics in a easy way, so must do meditation everyday about 3 to 5 minutes before study.

3. Make a study routine. 

Make a profer routine or plan for your studies and stick it in the wall of your study room. And must follow your daily routine it will build your habit for studying. And guys i will promise you if you do that practice every day it will definetly increases your grades or marks. It will useful for so many peoples. I also tried this method, and this method is very helpful for me and it was improve my grades, so must try it.

4. Keep away smartphones from yourselfs

Friends must keep your smartphone away from yourself. Guys i know it is difficult but it will break the concentration because of which we never do studies. And due to smart phone the maximum students can’t do studies. So guys must keep away everything’s from youselfs that will reduces your concentration.

5. Chosse a good place for your studies. 

For studies it is very important to choose a good place. So guys must choose a place that will full of silence because sounds break our concentration so tried to study in a silence room because it improve our concentration and focus.

At last, i want to say that if you follow all this step as a daily routine then i will promise you your concentration, grades, marks must be improved.

Hope you are guys like this article and guys must give your suggestion about that article. 
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