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Sunday tech talk

1. Android O is officially called Android Oreo


After months of speculation, Google finally announced the name of upcoming Android operating system will be called Android Oreo

2. Lava announced 2-year warranty for its Smart phone and feature Phone


The 2-year warranty applies for selected models.

Models must be purchased after 26 August, 2017 will be eligible.

3. Jio Phone booking begin online and offline


You can book your jio phone online and offline from jio mini store.

The jio Phone-TV cable is not available for purchase at the moment.

4. This app allow anyone to create custom Android ransomware.


A free TDK app lets anyone create custom ransomware.

The ransomware can be distributed to infect multiple Android device.

Anyone can be used even by those who have no coding knowledge.

5. Siri get deep learning-based speech improvement in IOS 11, Apple reveals.


Apple has confirmed that the voice of Siri will be more natural.

Siri will also be able to translate in a few other languages with IOS 11.

6. Blackberry to announce its own version of secure Android.

7. Some Google voice users reportedly unable to receive text message.

8. Samsung Galaxy S8+ RS 5,000 price cut is limited period offer ends on August 31.

9. Don’t try to play blue whale game. It is a killer game.

10. After India, Google brings its free WiFi for Indonesia

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