The oldest books in the world:  Books play an important role in our life. Book is a sheet of paper, parchment or similar material that are fastened to hinge at one side and give us lots of information about our past, tomorrow or features. Books and pens is a those things which can change the world. It is a source of education. We all love to read the books mostly stories books and Noble. We also know about some ancient books like “The Ramayana, The Bible, The Koran, and The Mahabharat” but today i am going to discuss most valuable and oldest book of the world which is very interesting.

1. Etruscan Golden Book

Etruscan Golden Book is one of the most oldest book in the world and This book, which is said to date back to 600 BC. It is six pages book of 24 carat gold written 2500 year ago. It was found in a ancient tomb, which was uncovered by accident during construction work on road. It is kept in the Bulgarian National Museum, Bulgaria. No one know what is written in the book? It is really interesting and incredible book.

2. St Cuthbert Gospel

The Cuthbert Gospel is considered to be one of the oldest intact books in the whole of Europe and was buried more than 1300 years ago inside the coffin of Saint Cuthbert. The St Cuthbert Gospel is also know as the stonyhurt Gospel is an early 8th century pocket Gospel book written in Latin. It is one of the smallest surviving anglosarcon manuscript. It still has its original leather cover and one of the most “valuable book”. It is really interesting to know what is written in this book. If you like this book then give your feedback in comment box.

3. Garima Gospels

Garima Gospels is most oldest book of the world. They provide Glimpses of lost late antique laxary Gospel books and art of fifth and seventh centuries, in the Aksumite kingdom of Ethiopia as well as in christain east. It is one of the most valuable and amazing book. You should must purchase and read this book. It is easily avion Amazon so read this book and give you feedback about this book in below comment box. You can easily purchase this book from here. BUY NOW.

4. The Codex Selden 

The Codex Selden is a Mexican manuscript of mixtec origin. It is most amazing, unique and great book. The last date mentioned in the Codex is 1556, which can be interpreted as the date when the Codex was finished. The Codex belonged to English jurist John Selden who died in 1654 and left his collection of books and manuscript at the University of Oxford. It is kept at the Bolleian library in Oxford. I think you wanna read this book because it is really good book and written in 16th century. Give you view about this book in below comment box.

5. Jewish Prayer Book

Jewish Prayer Book, a 1,200 year old book believed to the oldest book (siddur) in the world, was unveiled for the first time at Jerusalem’s Bible lands Museum. The siddur, which originate from the middle East and is 50 pages long is written in Hebrew and still encased in it’s original binding. It is first written in 9th century. We can’t read this book easily because it is very oldest book and written in different different languages.

6. Pyrgi Gold tablet

Pyrgi Gold tablet found in 1964 in the excavation of a sanctuary in ancient pyrgi, Italy. The three gold plates date back to 500 BC. These writing are important in providing bilingual text that allow researchers to use knowledge of Phoenician. It was made by Thefarie velianas, king of caere to the Phoenician goddess Ashtaret. The three gold plates contain holes in the edges which indicates that they were likely bound together. The plates are now displayed as the national Etruscan museum in Rome, Italy.

7. Nag Hammadi Library 

Nag Hammadi Library considered to be some of the oldest surviving bound books. It was discovered in 1945 buried inside the sealed jar by local man in the town of Nag Hammadi in upper Egypt. It is also known as cheonoboskion or as the Gnostic Gospels. It was written in Coptic language. It is collection of thirteen ancient book (called codices) containing over fifty text. The Nag Hammadi codices is currently found at the Coptic museum in cario, Egypt. It is really an interesting codices.

8. Book of kells 

Book of kells is kept in the Trinity college library in Dublin, Ireland. It is also known as book of Columba. It is an illuminated manuscript Gospel book in Latin. I would say that book of kells is one of the greatest contribution to medieval art ever to come out of the British isles. It is 13 inch wide and and 10 inches high. It consists of 340 folios made from calfskin vellum. It consists of mainly four Gospels. The book of kells is created in the So-called Hiberno-sexo style.
You can live without seeing it, if you are in Ireland.

9. Diamond sutra 

Diamond sutra is one of the famous and oldest book. It is the Buddhist Holly text found in walled up cave in China along with other printed materials. The book is made up of Chinese characters printed on a scroll of grey coloured paper. The book was copied by a man called Wong jei, in may 868 AD. The diamond sutra is a brief text. A typical English translations contain about 6000 words. So it was an amazing a jewel of the world religious literature.

10. Vedas 

The visas is a collection of hymns and other religious texts. It was composed in India about 15000 BCE (Before common era). It was purposed in vedic Sanskrit language (Sanskrit- oldest language). Hindus consider the Vedas to be apauruseya, which means ‘not of a man, superhuman’. Vedas is also called sruti (which is heard). The greatest compiler of Vedas and Puranas was vayasa Krishna Dwaipayana. There are four types of Vedas
1} Rig Veda

2} Sama Veda

3} yajur Veda

4} Atharva Veda

Here, we end up the lst of the top 10 oldest book of the world, hope you enjoyed up reading this article, we’ll be back soon with tons of more articles based upon your interest. Please give you view about this all book in below comment box or feel free to contact with us. Stay Tuned.

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